Physiotherapy Programs

Our highly trained team of physiotherapists understand the difficulties faced when recovering from surgery, disability, and illness. Our aim at Hirondelle is to rehabilitate patients to return to as near as possible their former function.

Our Physiotherapy programs focus on relieving pain and restoring movement and strength to maximize function and independence. At Hirondelle our specific exercise programs, include gym work, hydrotherapy, heat and cold therapy and electrotherapy.

Our team provide education about physical fitness, falls prevention, back care and osteoporosis for appropriate patients. This is an essential part of a comprehensive physiotherapy program for both reconditioning and rehabilitation patients in their discharge planning.

Physiotherapy is an important aspect of rehabilitation following:

    • Orthopedic surgery – knee/hip replacements, fractures, arthritis
    • Stroke
    • Cardiac conditions
    • Falls
    • Balance problems
    • Amputation
    • Spinal cord injury

Some areas that may be considered in patient physiotherapy programs include:

    • Chest physiotherapy
    • Joint and muscular range of movement
    • Mobility including gait transfer and balance re-education
    • Postural education

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