Hydrotherapy Programs

Hirondelle’s state of the art hydrotherapy pool enables physiotherapy treatment with the thermal and weightless benefits of being in the water. The unique support and resistance provided through exercising in water enables physiotherapist to target specific muscle groups and encourage pain relief. Heat is used to soothe the body, releasing tension in muscles and anxiety.

Hydrotherapy provides many benefits that cannot be achieved without enhanced balance and stabilisation provided by water. Hydrostatic pressure can aid in the reduction of swelling, as well as providing resistance for increased endurance and strength benefits.

Hydrotherapy is particularly beneficial for patients recovering from orthopaedic surgery, back and pelvic pain, Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

Hirondelle’s state of the art hydrotherapy pool includes a molift ceiling patient hoist to enable less mobile patients to access the benefits of hydrotherapy. Due to infection control reasons and the heat in the pool, all patients must be confirmed to be medically stable prior to using the hydrotherapy pool.

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